League Cup Odds

History of the League Cup

Since its formation in 1960 the League Cup has had what can lightly be described as a contentious history, with numerous name and structural changes occurring over the years, especially in recent times. Once upon a time the competition was seen as an important piece of silverware and one that all clubs wanted to win. In recent years it seems to have fallen out of favour with teams and supporters alike, which has been reflected in the rapid drop in attendences.

However, despite this decline in interest the competition has provided an abundance of high quality, entertaining matches in recent times, with goals on tap. Who can forget Arsenal's stunning 6-3 win at Anfield, West Ham's 4-0 thrashing of Manchester United or Arsenal's calamitous defensive mix-up in the 2011 Final which led to Birmingham being crowned the League Cup Winners.

The spark is certainly still there but the organisers desperately need to find a way of increasing the popularity of the competition and improving attendances. Carling Cup crowds are more often than not relatively low, even at the 'glamour' games between the top clubs. The competition will never be as popular or eye catching as the FA Cup, yet it is not trying to be, all it needs is a bit of spice to liven things up a little.

League Cup Sponsors

Since 1982 the League Cup has changed its name on a number of occasions due to an interest from Sponsors. It is currently called the 'Capital One Cup', after its sponsors Capital One. Follow the link to learn more about the competitions name changes.

Prize Money

The prize money awarded by the Football League for the 2012/13 was as follows:

  • Final Winners - £100,000
  • Final Runners-up - £50,000
  • Losing Semi-finalists - £25,000